Friday, August 11, 2017

Practice time change

Starting Monday, August 14th we will begin meeting at 3pm by the snack shack.  Everyone is welcome.

Please get registered at and you need to get a current physical in order to participate on the cross country team.  Art City Pharmacy in Springville takes  walk ins and does physicals for a decent price if you can't get into your doctors in the next couple of days.

Our first meet is Thursday, August 17 at sugarhouse park.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Practice August 8th

For all who wish to join us tomorrow, August 8th, we will meet at Ira Allen Park (1700 south 800 west   Mapleton, UT 84664) at 7am.

Remember to get registered on and get a current physical as of June 1st.  A quick place to get a physical is at the Art City Pharmacy in Springville, they take walk ins for about $25.  You must have a physical to participate in our first cross country meet on August 17th.

Practice will be at 7am all week at MMHS besides Tuesday, then Monday, August 14th we will be switching to 3pm.

Cost to participate in cross country  is $60 paid to the finance office.  Also see Coach Wyatt for information about uniforms.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Practice will resume on Monday, August 7th at @ 7am at the track for those that wish to join us. 

August 14th practice will switch to 3pm at the track.

All who wish to participate on the cross country team are welcome,  there are no tryouts.  Please fill out the information at and bring a current physical (as of June 1st) with you to practice so you can be cleared to participate.

First cross country meet is August 17 at sugarhouse park.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cross Country Practice and Season

We are currently meeting every week day @ 7am by the track for any one who wishes to join us, there are no tryouts for cross country everyone is welcome to come be apart of the team.

Starting August 14th we will switch practice times to 3pm at the track.

Next week Wednesday, August 2nd through Friday, August 4th is cross country camp up at Shadow Mountain.  If you want to come to camp get a permission slip from Coach Wyatt and pay the $60 to the finance office ASAP.

See Coach Wyatt for the information that was given out at the parent meeting.

Everyone who wishes to participate in cross country must complete the information on and get a new physical for this school year. RMA has made changes so that physicals don't expire during the school year, therefore everyone is needing a new  physical current as of June 1st.

First cross country meet is August, 17, 2017 at sugarhouse park. Race start times are as follows

Fres Boys - 3:00 pm
Fresh Girls - 3:25 pm
Soph Boys - 3:50 pm
Soph Girls - 4:15 pm
JV Boys - 4:45 pm
JV Girls - 5:15 pm
Varsity Boys - 5:45 pm
Varsity Girls - 6:10 pm