Sunday, July 16, 2017

Parent Meeting/ Cross Country Camp

Important Dates/ Info:

  • July 26, 2017 is a parent meeting at 5pm in Coach Eastmond's room in the C hall
**No practice this morning, we will meet after the parent meeting for a night run about 5:30pm.**

  • August 2-4, 2017 is Cross Country camp at Shadow Mountain- cost is $60 paid to the finance office

  • August 17, 2017 is the first cross country meet.

  • All who wish to participate on the cross country team must go to and feel out all the information and get a physical.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Moratorium/ Important Dates and Information

2017 Moratorium (July 2nd – July 8th)

Beginning in 2014, the UHSAA instituted an all-sport summer moratorium in order to give families at least one full week during the summer without practices. During this time, there can be no practice, open gym, camp, weight training session, etc. with coaches in any sport. This year’s moratorium is July 2-8. We encourage athletes to still be running during this time so as continue building upon the base they have been developing the last few weeks. Below are suggestions of how to make the week successful.

July 2-4 Training Ideas

Keys to Success

·         Enjoy time with family

·         Maintain good habits (run, stretch, abs)

·         Run daily (even if it’s just a little. Something is better than nothing)

·         Adjust hard/easy/hill days to fit your schedule.

·         Run in the morning to avoid the heat. Be sure to stay hydrated

·         Keep track of your efforts ( Team ID: T-15446140805-24

·         Call teammates to run with them!

·         Complete UHSAA eligibility requirements (see note on back)


·         Medium day” wherein you run a consistent effort throughout the run (35-50 minutes total)

Tues and Wednesday – Complete a “hard” and an “easy” day:

·         Race in a holiday race OR complete a “hard day” effort  (options below)

o   10-15 min jog followed by 2-3 x 5 min pickups 30-60 seconds faster per mile than your normal distance run pace. Jog 5 min in between pickups. 10 min jog to finish up the day.             (35-55 min total).

o   10-15 min jog followed by 10-15 min “threshold effort.” 10-15 min cool down. Threshold effort should be consistent effort that should be challenging but could be held for 2-5 more minutes.

·         “Easy day” wherein you run for normal time but at a relaxed/comfortable pace (25-50 min total)

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – Complete the three following runs:

o    “Hill day” (preferably after an easy/medium day) wherein you run your normal distance/pace but go on a hilly route. (35-50 minutes total)

o    “Easy day” wherein you run normal mileage but at a relaxed/comfortable pace (25-45 min total)

o   “Long Day” wherein you run slightly slower than normal but add 1-2 miles/10-15 minutes to your normal run (45-70 minutes total)

Monday, July 10th: Meet again with team at 7:00 a.m. at MMHS

Cross Country Camp: Aug 2 – Aug 4

We are again scheduled to have Cross Country Camp at Shadow Mountain up Hobblecreek Canyon. This is a great opportunity for athletes to spend a few days with teammates working hard and setting goals/standards for the upcoming season. We also do some great hill running which helps us build mental toughness. Camp attendance is not required for Cross Country participation during the season, but it is often one of the highlights of the year. One of the many benefits to having camp at Shadow Mountain is that prices are affordable. The final camp cost will be determined after the moratorium as we begin to solidify our numbers. It has usually been approx. $60, which includes, busing, lodging, food, camp shirt, and any costs for camp activities. Again, more detailed information, including exact times, about camp will come as we return from moratorium.


To be eligible to compete in any high school sports, athletes and parents need to complete the online paperwork on This is both essential and urgent. In accordance with USHAA rule, athletes also need to have a current physical on file with the school.  Please complete this information ASAP. Athletes will not be allowed to attend camp without completed paperwork. And per Nebo School District rule, athletes who have not completed it by August 1st will not be able to continue attending practice until it has been completed. We ask you to respect this standard and not place coaches in a position of compromised liability by thinking that the eligibility requirements do not apply to you. They do. Please complete them over the next few weeks.

Change to State Policy on Physicals

The coaching staff was recently informed that the state has changed its policy on physicals. Unfortunately, instead of considering a physical current for up to one year after the physical was given, the state now considers physicals “expired” at the end of each academic year (May 31st). This is extremely frustrating. Questions concerning the change in policy should be directed to our athletic trainer, Krista Prusak at:

To help ease the change in policy, Krista and other athletic trainers in the district, have arranged for doctors to come and perform physicals on Wednesday, July 12th at Spanish Fork High School (Main Gym) from 4:00-7:00 p.m. It is our understanding that those who just completed a physical (Feb 1-May 31 2017) will receive and updated physical for free. The cost for all others will be $20. Again, please contact Krista with specific medical questions. All physicals from last year are kept on file by the athletic trainer. Additionally, the coaching staff does not have the ability to declare clearance for an athlete, especially in regard to medical requirements.

Initial Important Dates

(Full schedule will be provided at parent meeting)

Parent Meeting (Tentative): July 26th @ 5 p.m.                            Concussion Baseline Testing: July 27th @ 7 a.m.

Team Camp: Aug 2-4 @ Shadow Mountain

First Race: Aug 17th Highland Invite (Sugarhouse Park –SLC)

Pre-Region Meet: August 23rd @ Scera Park (Orem)

Region Meet: Oct 6th @ Scera Park (Orem)

State Meet: Oct 18 (Sugarhouse Park –SLC)

Team Sites

Team Twitter: @MMEagletrack

Team Running Log: (see handout for instructions on logging)

Coaches:                Darrell Wyatt (Head Coach):
                                Rob Eastmond (Assist. Coach):  
                                Brett Andrus (Assist. Coach):

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cross Country summer training

Cross country begins Monday, June 12 at 7am at the track. All are welcome to come and run. Bring your friends and make some new friends also.

Now is a great time to get a current physical and fill out the information on to prepare for the upcoming season.  All paperwork is due by mid August.

Saturday, March 11, 2017